We saw an opportunity.

Despite the availability of more cost-effective technologies, the majority of registry providers in Australia are running on legacy platforms. These systems are based on aging development standards with limited functionality and usability. Today’s clients are demanding instant and easy access to as much shareholder information as possible. Most registry service providers simply cannot meet such high expectations.

This was seen as a huge opportunity and so it began. Using the extensive registry experience of our management team and a crack team of local software developers we began building an end-to-end registries system.

Our team soon grew to over 16 full-time locally based developers. The vision was to build a registry platform that on every level would exceed Client and Shareholder expectations. Using the latest agile software development methods and technologies, as well as leveraging the highly advanced and adaptable Amazon Web Services, we have built an innovative, scalable and resilient share registries platform. We are confident that Automic has the best registry platform in the Australian market and with our continued investment and long term plans we will remain a technology leader in this industry.

In late 2015 we acquired Automic, a registry company founded by Ben Kay. We transitioned all customers onto our newly built Automic platform. Our founders and Managing Director set conventional thinking on its head. We're not afraid to do things differently and we're driven by a desire to deliver real value to all clients. We also don’t burn bridges by charging unjustified exit fees should a customer wish to leave. In our minds, this is old school thinking and our recent growth proves that if you offer a great platform combined with good services and price it right, then clients will come.

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Technology is at the forefront of everything we do. We utilise superior technology to deliver an elegant user experience which is intuitive, unique, and easy to use. Our handpicked, in-house technology team is comprised of highly experienced senior software engineers and user experienced designers who have created the platform from the ground up. By using cutting-edge technologies, modern architecture principles, backed by sophisticated cloud solutions, our platform is the most robust, innovative, scalable and resilient share registry platform in the Australian market.

We are focused on continuous improvement and innovation, delivering customised solutions for clients. Automic’s platform is accredited by the ASX to operate on the registry business and no third party systems or vendors are utilised.


In May 2017 Automic achieved ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation. This internationally recognized standard provides clients and investors with the confidence and assurance that they are in safe hands with reliable and good quality systems and business practices in place. We undergo strict bi-annual audits to maintain our ISO accreditation and regularly review processes to ensure improvements are implemented.


Automic’s infrastructure is deployed on a virtual private cloud in Amazon's data-center. Network devices including firewall and other boundary services are in place to monitor and control all communications externally and within key internal boundaries of the network. These boundary devices employ rule sets, access control lists and configurations to enforce the flow of information to specific information system services.

In order to protect the applications in each subnet, Automic’s platform adopts multiple layers of security, including security groups, network access control lists as well as routine controls built on the core of the application itself. The AES-256 encryption algorithm is adopted for all data stored.

Automic produces internal monthly reports to ensure conformity with company’s internal procedures and to maintain our ISO accreditation.


Automic’s platform has been designed to have uninterrupted access across all components. The platform has been built using multi-tier architecture in order to guarantee high availability and redundancy. Each component in our infrastructure is placed behind a load balancer that has at least two active instances running simultaneously.

The data centres that host Automic’s infrastructure are built in clusters across distinct physical locations in Sydney and globally. The electrical power systems in these facilities are designed to be fully redundant without any impact to operations in case of a power outage. Several uninterruptible power supply units provide power in the event of an electrical failure using generators to produce back-up power to the entire facilities without any down time.

We’re the change you have been waiting for

Automic offers the full suite of share registry services including maintenance services, meeting services, corporate actions and shareholder communication.

Automic is redefining the registry experience through an innovative technology platform, simple and transparent pricing and superior service.

We have assembled a high calibre team with a unique blend of cross-industry experience, so you’re not just getting the best registry experience, you’re getting the best experience possible.

This means an end to generic services and a one-size-fits all approach. Instead we have designed a service model, platform and pricing structure that delivers a truly personalised experience, tailored to your specific needs. After all, you’re not like everyone else so why should you be treated as such?

By choosing Automic, you will receive a tailored service that saves time, delivers confidence and is responsive to your needs.

user friendly,
intuitive platform
automated processing
and services
single contact for
all requirements
tailored solutions
real-time error
granular detail on
all actions and services
mobile enabled
continuous enhancements driven
by customer requirements
simple and transparent
highly secure, Australian
cloud-based infrastructure
highly accurate system
adaptive technology

Our Team

Good people make good companies

Our philosophy in business is simple: good people make good companies. We have assembled a high calibre team with a mix of industry and cross-industry experience. Our Client Experience Team is led by Ann Nguyen and Blake Stelzer who have a deep understanding of the registry industry.

Within Automic, all employees own equity - this complements our culture of
"can-do" and supports our objective of delivering a higher quality service to customers.


No matter your background, if you have drive, a passion to succeed and are keen to make a difference then we are interested. We like to move fast and do things differently. We believe that if you want to be the best then you NEED A HIGH-QUALITY TEAM IN PLACE. Interested? In the first instance send your resume to:


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